November 15, 2017

Have You Heard of VA Disability Claims for Agent Blue?

We’ve spoken before about Agent Orange, one of a collection of so-called “rainbow herbicides” sprayed during the conflict in Vietnam as part of the defoliation efforts used by the American military. Agent Orange contamination left thousands of veterans exposed to dangerous chemicals that, over time, have been correlated with a spate of chronic illnesses and even cancers. While many Vietnam-era veterans are aware of their ability to file for VA Disability as a result of Agent Orange contamination, fewer are aware of another common herbicide utilized during Vietnam: Agent Blue. You may be able to file VA Disability claims for Agent Blue if you were exposed during your time in service. Let’s take a closer look at what Agent Blue is and what kinds of health effects come as a result of exposure.
November 3, 2017

What Should You Do If You Witness a Car Accident?

There is a vehicle collision in South Carolina every five minutes or so, with injuries occurring about once every ten minutes and a collision fatality occurring about twice a day, according to the SC Department of Public Safety. Do you know what to do if you witness a car wreck in South Carolina? We have a few tips to help you know how to stay safe, assist the people involved, and if needed, provide evidence for the victim’s eventual car insurance claim against the at-fault party. These suggestions do not reflect any letter of the law but are rather meant to act as helpful suggestions. Every car wreck is different, so no guidelines can really be one-size-fits-all. If you have questions that pertain to a specific incident, please feel free to give us a call at (803) 779-7599 or contact us online to request a free consultation. What should you […]
October 26, 2017

5 Safety Tips for Halloween

While Halloween is a holiday favorite for the young and the young-at-heart, trick-or-treating and holiday parties can sometimes be a dangerous mix. October 31st is often a busy day in the emergency room, and it’s one of the top days of the year for car wrecks involving pedestrians under 18. We’re not saying to skip celebrating — by all means, plan that costume party, head out trick-or-treating with your children, hand out candy to every witch, monster, mummy, or cartoon character that skips up to your door. Just follow these 5 safety tips for Halloween (plus one bonus tip at the end!) to help avoid injury and still have a fun holiday!
October 18, 2017

What To Do When Your Loved One is a Veteran With PTSD

Are you worried about a loved one with military PTSD? While our recent awareness of PTSD as a result of military service has led to increasingly open conversations and new treatments and therapies for veterans returning from deployment, PTSD itself is nothing new. When your spouse, partner, family member, or friend shows signs and symptoms of PTSD, you may feel helpless and unsure what to do.  We’re here to help with advice for helping your loved one, as well as yourself, when dealing with the often-disabling effects of PTSD.
October 6, 2017

What Counts as White Collar Crime in South Carolina?

When most people think about white collar crime, two or three big-name, headline-making cases likely come to mind. The Enron debacle and the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme often top the list. Most white collar criminals don’t end up on the cover of the New York Times, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still a common concern, both for individuals and for businesses.  What counts as white collar crime in South Carolina? What sort of repercussions would someone convicted of white collar crime face? Let’s take a look.
September 14, 2017

Can Social Security Disability Benefits Be Garnished?

If you have been paying child support and become injured or disabled and unable to work, you may be facing a future where Social Security Disability is either your primary or even sole source of income. When you have child support or alimony obligations, this can add a new weight of worry onto your mind — can Social Security Disability benefits be garnished to pay child support? What does this mean for your household income moving forward? Can you work with the child’s other parent through mediation or even in court to modify your child support obligations based on your new SSI or SSDI income? Let’s take a closer look.
September 8, 2017

New Legislation Could Affect Prescription Drug Possession Laws in South Carolina.

Some serious changes are coming for South Carolina’s drug possession laws. New legislation aimed at addressing the growing opioid and heroin epidemic is making its way through the State House and Senate, and the South Carolina Attorney General is in the process of suing the maker of Oxycontin, one of the most well-known opioids on the market, for alleged deceptive marketing practices. The Attorney General cites Purdue Pharma “downplaying the addictive quality” of the drug as one of the main alleged deceptions. The State House and Senate aren’t waiting for the outcome of the lawsuit, however: a slate of bills were introduced as early as February by a group of Republican state lawmakers intended to address the opioid epidemic from a legislative point of view. We’ll take a look at a few of these bills, and how they could affect prescription drug possession laws in South Carolina.
August 31, 2017

How Wrecks Involving Tractor Trailers Are Different From Large Truck Collisions

Whether you’ve been involved in a hit-and-run, a car wreck that included texting-while-driving as a factor, or someone simply ran a stop sign — there are a thousand ways for a collision to happen while on the road. Some of the most potentially destructive types of vehicle collisions involve semi trucks, also known as tractor trailers.