Don’t Get Hurt for Doing the Right Thing

While many people associate the idea of a ‘whistleblower’ with instances like the Watergate scandal that make front-page headlines, most whistleblower lawsuits never end up in the news at all.

The most common type of “whistleblower” lawsuit is a False Claims Act suit, also called Qui Tam.

In these lawsuits, an individual with knowledge of organization’s activities provides information to the authorities about fraud, corruption or other illegal activity that harms the federal government. The individuals who bring this knowledge forward may be entitled to a certain amount of financial recovery under the False Claims Act.

Qui Tam whistleblower claims and False Claims Act suits usually involve everyday Americans who stumble upon evidence or knowledge of fraud being perpetuated against the state or federal government. These whistleblowers are often employees, former employees, and others who have access to company documents and internal information.

Many types of fraud may be discovered, including Medicaid fraud, Medicare fraud, defense contractor fraud, or construction contract fraud.

If you suspect your employer or another individual of defrauding the state or federal government, it’s important to meet with a legal representative right away. During your initial consultation with our Qui Tam Whistleblower team, we’ll go over the details of what you’ve uncovered and walk you through what could happen during any court cases that may occur and what amount of financial recovery you may be entitled to.

You’ll have an attorney with experience handling the complicated, complex nature of False Claims Act lawsuits standing by your side, dedicated to representing your individual rights in a court of law.

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