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Most people think of Social Security in terms of older adults retiring from the workforce, but there is another, essential aspect to these benefits — Social Security benefits for children.

Children may qualify to receive Social Security benefits after a parent dies, retires, or becomes disabled through illness or injury.

Social Security benefits for children are intended to help provide for their needs through high school, although unmarried adult children who are dependents being cared for by the deceased parent, disabled parents, or elderly grandparents may also qualify beyond the date of maturity.

Children who are themselves disabled may qualify for Supplemental Security Income, or SSI.

Can Legal Representation Help With Social Security Benefits for Children?

Social Security benefits for children are explicitly designed to help families to cope with the devastating emotional and financial fallout that may result after a parent’s death or disabling injury or the diagnosis of disability in an infant or child.

Unfortunately, there are certain situations in which qualifying individuals struggle to gain access to these benefits in a time of need, and in those situations, a legal representative may be able to help.

A legal representative from Bluestein Attorneys can help you.

You can expect an experienced legal representative working with Social Security benefits for children to help by:

  • Meeting with you and getting to know the situation, whether it’s the aftermath of a parent’s death or disabling injury, a minor child with a disability, a child being cared for by grandparents, or another qualifying situation
  • Discussing the financial and other requirements needed to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits for children in detail
  • Laying out the kinds of evidence and medical ‘proof’ of disability or injury, if relevant, needed to help your claim
  • Locating and organizing a parent’s death certificate, if needed, and other disclosures to prove the child’s circumstances
  • Organizing documentation before your hearing to ensure all details are properly provided
  • Helping you prepare for what kinds of questions a judge might ask during a Social Security Disability hearing
  • Working with you to file an appeal if your initial claim is denied
  • Explaining the sometimes complex requirements and documents needed for a child to prove their need for and receive Social Security benefits for children

If you’re in a situation where you are applying for Social Security benefits for children after a parental death or disabling injury has left your household struggling to make ends meet, all of the information and documentation needed to prove that a child qualifies may seem like an insurmountable hill to climb.

Bluestein Attorneys is Here to Help.

At Bluestein Attorneys, our dedicated Social Security Disability team (links to Stacy Thompson’s team page) has experience with individuals applying for Social Security Disability benefits (link to SSD page), Supplemental Security Income (link to SSI page), and more. We’re determined to fight by your side to ensure that your family is able to access the benefits you need to make ends meet during tough times.

To request your free consultation for Social Security benefits for children, give us a call at (803) 779-7599 or contact us online at any time by filling out the form.

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