We’re Veterans Ourselves, and We’re Here to Help.

If you sacrificed during your service and feel you’ve lost something due to your disability, there is no need to suffer alone anymore. Let us help you go after the Veterans Affairs Disability benefits you deserve.

Gene and Tim are passionate about helping veterans; they’re veterans themselves. They will both work hard to help you.

Bluestein Attorneys doesn’t just work to settle your case – we work to solve your legal problems across our range of practice areas.

Meet Our VA Disability Team

Eugene Powell

COL, JAGC (US Army, Retired)

(803) 877-6521

Eugene is a retired Social Security Administration Judge and veteran of the Vietnam and Desert Shield / Storm eras.
Helping veterans receive their disability benefits is the most rewarding legal process I have ever engaged in. This is a very complex bureaucratic process and it can take decades to get your benefits. When you do win your case and begin receiving what you deserve, it is life changing on so many levels. There is finally peace and closure.”

Tim Mercer

SGT, USMCR (US Marine Corps Reserves ’09-’15)

(803) 877-6521

Tim served as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps and trained troops from Mozambique to be peacekeepers in Somalia.
After seeing my friends and fellow Marines struggle with the VA, I knew that there was a pervasive issue with the benefits system. Any help that I can provide is deeply gratifying and personally rewarding.”

You Served Our Country. Now It’s Our Turn to Help You.

If you’ve already received a decision and your benefits do not match the severity of your injury or its impact on your daily life, our VA Disability team can help you appeal a VA Disability decision or walk you through the process of filing for VA Disability benefits, helping you to be fully prepared to explain your situation and prove your illness or injury is service-connected.

To request your FREE VA Disability benefits consultation, give us a call at (803) 877-6521 or just fill out the form on this page.