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Legal Help With Financial Disputes

Breach of Contract, Probate, Wage Payment Disputes, and More

Monetary disputes are a common cause of litigation. In some cases, an insurance company may deny a client the monetary payout they were expecting after a vehicle collision or damage done to their home. In other cases, a worker may find that they have been underpaid by their employer and seek to recover wrongfully withheld wages.

In the case of individuals or entities who have entered into a contract, any breach of that contract could result in litigation.

Dealing with a financial dispute can be stressful, and it’s even more stressful if you’re struggling to recover money that you need to make ends meet. This is where an attorney may be able to help you mitigate stress by helping to resolve your financial dispute successfully.

What Counts as a Monetary Dispute?

Breach of Contract, Probate, Wage Payment Disputes, and the False Claims Act all fall under the umbrella of monetary disputes.

Breach of Contract is simply defined as the act of breaking an agreed-upon contract, but the fallout of even a simple breach of contract can be damaging both financially and reputationally for those involved. You may be able to recover compensatory damages, punitive damages, or have other forms of recovery available to you in the event of a breach of contract.

Insurance Disputes often involve a single individual attempting to recover financial restitution from large-scale companies, and so it’s imperative to ensure that you have legal representation that has experience in this area. An individual may end up involved in an insurance dispute with their car insurance provider, homeowner’s insurance, rental insurance company, or any other insurance provider.

Probate involves the proper distribution of a deceased person’s estate and property to designated beneficiaries or heirs, as well as the payment of any debt owed to creditors at the time of the deceased person’s death. Generally, probate property will be distributed according to the deceased person’s final will and testament. If no will exists, probate property is generally distributed according to state law. Probate can be complex and stressful, and beneficiaries and heirs often find it helpful to have legal representation involved in ensuring everything is concluded satisfactorily.

Wage Payment Disputes often involve unpaid overtime or back wages, with an employee or former employee attempting to recover wages they were due according to South Carolina employment law but which were denied or never paid by the employer. If your employer or former employer has not paid you fully for your work, you may be able to recover both the amount of your lost wages and potentially further penalties, depending on the circumstances.

The False Claims Act, also commonly known as the “Lincoln Law”, imposes a liability on individuals and companies who defraud governmental programs. It is often considered the federal government’s primary tool in combating fraud perpetrated against the government.

When it comes to litigation involving financial disputes, the law is almost always complex. Individuals facing a monetary dispute of any kind may find it essential to have an attorney by their side who has experience with wage payment disputes, insurance disputes, and other financial litigation concerns.

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