Facing a Dispute with Your Insurance Company?

When you sign up for insurance, you are asking to make an exchange; the amount you pay in monthly premiums (and your eventual deductible) in exchange for the security of knowing that in the event of an emergency, the insurance company will cover the costs of expensive car or home repairs, medical treatment for injuries or illness, or even help you to buy a new car or rebuild a home in the event your insured property is destroyed.

Unfortunately, the reality too often ends up very different.

Many individuals and families pay their premiums faithfully and on time for years, only to find themselves denied the assistance they were promised. Individuals may be bogged down in fighting for every penny during the most stressful and worrisome times in their life. An insurance company acting this way is said to be acting in “bad faith”.

Companies that provide insurance are often truly massive, and the idea of having to fight an insurance company acting in bad faith in order to recover the amount of money that should be yours by right can seem exhausting, adding more misery to an already unfortunate situation.

Whether you are simply hoping to come to a satisfactory settlement, or you’ve begun to wonder if you will need to take your insurance company to court, meeting with an attorney who has experience dealing with insurance disputes and bad faith insurance claims can bring you peace of mind.

Bluestein Attorneys can give you an idea of what steps you may need to take in order to recover the amount you are owed.

Bluestein Attorneys: Insurance Dispute Attorneys in South Carolina

The Insurance Disputes team at Bluestein Attorneys has experience in handling these complex and challenging insurance disputes and bad faith insurance claims, and it’s our mission to ensure that your situation is resolved effectively.

In the case of a dispute with your insurance company, you need someone who is willing to fight by your side. The Bluestein Attorneys Insurance Disputes team is here to help.

Request your free insurance dispute consultation by giving us a call at (803) 779-7599 or simply fill out the form.

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